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Cryptocoryne species 'Kota Tingga'

Cryptocoryne species 'Kota Tingga'


Cryptocoryne species 'Kota Tingga' was found in one pond only in a single oil palm plantation in Kota Tingga in Penninsular Malaysia.


Oil palms have 30 productive years and after that all the trees are cut down and new trees replanted. In 2010 the entire area was bulldozed and there's nothing left of the pond. The species exists in captivity but is now considered lost in the wild.


But wait! In 2011 the plant was still alive there despite being bulldozed - which sort of makes sense, if the plant surviced the clear cutting of the jungle and planting of the oil palms then it stands to reason it might be able to survive being bulldozed more than once. Also, somebody moved the plant to another location, so somewhere in a secret place in Malaysia the plant is now growing in a second location.

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