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H Cryptocorynes


C. yujii var. hendrikii

Cryptocoryne yujii var. hendrikii Wongso, var. nov

Cryptocoryne yujii var. hendrikii often has more than 25 spreading leaves to 15 cm long, with a green to purplish green, cordate blade; the spathe is white, c. 8 cm long; the limb has a rough surface and is upright with a long tail and a black-purple collar, thereby resembling C. yujii var. yujii from Sarawak; it differs, however, in the many-leaved rosette of > 10 and often > 25 leaves (vs 58 in C. yujii var. yujii) with the blade to 4 8 cm (vs to 7 10 cm in C. yujii var. yujii).

emerse flower habitat
submersed wild Banjarmasin

C. hudoroi


C. "huluensis"

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