Killi Shrimp Plant species Enclycloaquaria CoF Invert Taxa

Please notice that these do not grow under the water in nature. Ever.

Bucephalandra grow in the forest basement in Borneo where it can be rather shaded to the point of being dark. These grow slowly but similar to their cousins the Cryptocorynes they are also found in conditions of greater light and with that they perk up smartly. These photos taken by Michael Lo in Malaysian Borneo between 2009 and 2014 show how Bucephalandra grows in the wild; it is a rheophyte, the roots are in water the leaves are in air; it will grow underwater but does better growing in air with its roots in water just as it's found in nature.

These photos were taken by Chris Lukhaup in 2019.

These photos were taken by Aquafleur International BV in December 2021.


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