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Unidentified Cryptocoryne species
Unidentified Cryptocoryne species


Cryptocoryne species Muarateweh

Crypt. sp. Muarateweh



C. sp. Riau "Rosenverig"


Cryptocoryne spec. , "The Phantom of Sri Lanka?" (M.G.) 2023 (Name not accepted, for identification purposes only) My dear friends! The story I'm telling you today is so incredible that I can't believe it myself, especially since I'm still in the middle of it. A little less than two weeks ago I received an e-mail with a photo of a flowering plant that is listed as Cryptocoryne bullosa in the botanical garden where my young friend works as head of the tropical house, evolutionary house, Victoria house and aquatic plants. Now, there are very few people who have ever seen a C. bullosa in bloom, so I contacted Mr. Wongso, who at first glance didn't know much about this plant or flower. So I asked the young friend to send me more pictures, which he did. That just didn't help the confusion. Wongso and I agreed that the leaves resembled the walkeri, at least some walkeri forms. But how does the flower go with it? With my modest knowledge, I have the suspicion that this must be a species or form from Sri Lanka. When I asked where Timo, that's the name of the young district manager, got these plants from, the answer amazed me immensely, because it was from an aquarium shop! In order to possibly clarify the origin, I had the shop named and a look at the website finally made my jaw drop. They still had plants under "bullosa" on offer, with exactly the leaf shape, and that in the discount area!!! Of course, I immediately ordered the remaining stock. I'm just speculating a bit: when I imagine it could be a new species being sold unidentified in a discount store, all the sweat glands hurl out an enormous shower of rain! Now it's time to act in a considered manner, to multiply the plants entrusted to me and to make them bloom in order to give them to us all, also as a possible aquarium plant, with a valid name! What a beautiful idea!!! On that note, see you next time! And a thousand thanks to Timo Geiling! PS: So far it has only flowered once since 2021!

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