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SIA Unknown aquarium strain

SIA - Unknown / aquarium strain

Cryptocoryne cordata siamensis
Aquarium strain

There are several different types of siamensis plants and two in particular have become popular in aquaria since their introduction decades ago. Known then as C. blassii and C. siamensis these are now considered to be just different morphotypes of C. cordata siamensis. But, they're distinct plants, one 'type' is considerably larger than the other and has narrower leaves. Rosanervig corresponds to the siamensis type - there is no pink veined plant that looks like blassii.

Cryptocoryne cordata siamensis Aquagreen strain

SIA 'Aquagreen' strain

This is the plant the commercial supplier Aquagreen has been selling as C. cordata 'Blassii'.

Cryptocoryne cordata siamensis 'Oriental strain'

SIA Oriental strain

Oriental Plants Co. In Asia is one of the handful of nursuries that supply most of the pet trade. This is the plant they've been selling as C. cordata 'Blassii'.

Cryptocoryne cordata siamensis 'blassii'
emerse flower
root submerse

SIA 'blassii'

Cryptocoryne cordata siamensis (Griffith) forma 'siamensis'
flower submerse

SIA forma siamensis

The larger Siamese form of cordata, sometimes referred to as "giant blassii".

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