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Cryptocoryne cordata grabowski in Borneo
GRA - Cryptocoryne cordata var. grabowski
"Endemic, the biggest species I have ever seen except C. ciliata"
- H.N. Ridley, Aroids of Borneo, 1905

These are some of the known locations; it's found all over Borneo.

GRA unknown, aquarium strain

Sold as C. grandis sensu Ripley in 1950, imported by Shirley Aquatics in the UK and grown in Canada since then by Charles Drew, the plant has never flowered in over 65 years. One or two are sold at the CAOAC auction in May each year but that's about the only place you'll likely find them in North America. The bear a strong resemblance to the form found west of Dayu in central Kalimantan.

GRA Taminglayang

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