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Cryptocoryne erwinii
Cryptocoryne erwinii

Cryptocoryne erwinii Wongso & Ipor, sp. nov. Fig. 57.

Holotype: Indonesia, W Kalimantan, Schwaner mountains, Sintang Regency, S of Sekadau, 18 Aug 2015, S. Wongso & I. B. Ipor SW 1560 (BO; isotypes: C, L).

Diagnosis Cryptocoryne erwinii superficially resembles C. lingua in the leaves, but the leaf blade is more horizontally oriented, with the abaxial surface distinctly lighter than the adaxial one. The 69 cm long spathe is exceptional and differs from all other Cryptocoryne species in being white, with the distal part of the limb subulate and purple inside, first bent backward to upright, later bending forward over the white, widely expanded, funnel-shaped entrance, which lacks a collar. Its chromosome number of 2n = 26 has hitherto only been reported for the recently described C. aura.

Description Amphibious herbs 810 cm tall. Rhizome thick, stout, notched, with long, stout subterranean stolons. Leaves 510 together in a rosette, 610 cm long, blade spreading horizontally from upright petiole, green adaxially, lighter abaxially, ovate, to 3 6 cm, superficially smooth but with small rounded protuberances, base slightly cordate. Cataphylls greenish, to 2 cm long, 2-keeled. Peduncle 12 cm long. Spathe 69 cm long, red-brownish outside; kettle white inside, cylindric, with a broad constriction at middle, 1.52.5 cm long, flap white; tube 24 cm long, twisting after opening; limb subulate, 23 cm long, backward bent to upright at opening, next day bending forward, protecting opening of white, expanded funnel-cone-shaped tube opening (unusual tube opening may originate from a collar that has expanded and formed dilated opening). Spadix 1.52.5 cm long, with 4 or 5 white female flowers with broadly ellipsoid stigmas; olfactory bodies yellowish white; male flowers 3040, yellowish; appendix white. Syncarp not observed.

Chromosome number 2n = 26, reported here for SW 1560.

Distribution As far as known endemic to W Kalimantan, Schwaner mountains, Sintang Regency, SW of Sintang, where it has been found only at the type locality.

Ecology The type specimen was collected in a small humus-rich muddy-peaty streamlet in a swamp forest, where the population was growing among tree roots. The habitat conditions indicate that the water flow is constantly low so that dead leaves accumulate to form a muddy-peaty, loose, organic substrate. Water parameters: pH 5.5, conductivity 25 S/ cm, temperature 25C. Altitude 60 m.

Eponymy Named after Erwin Syahputra, who has a keen eye for plants, and discovered the habitat of this unique species.

Remarks The colour and structure of the spathe of Cryptocoryne erwinii is unique, no other species having anything like the limb of this species. The chromosome number of 2n = 26 is the same as that found in C. aura, but the morphology of the two species is very different.

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