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C. cordata: Historical snippets
Historical forms of C. cordata

Cryptocoryne evae

Cryptocoryne evae (Rataj)
Syn. of SIA

Probably the same plant Ridley described as C. grandis. Both Rataj and Ridley said this was "the biggest Cryptocoryne they'd ever seen" (modulo ciliata in Ridley's case).

Cryptocoryne ewansii

Cryptocoryne ewansii (Rataj)
Syn. of SIA

The "ruffled" or "wavy" leafed form of C. cordata siamensis.

Cryptocoryne grabowski

Cryptocoryne grabowski (Rataj)
Current as C. cordata grabowski

grandis and grabowski turn out to tbe the same plant, Ridley had no idea it had already been described.

Cryptocoryne grandis

Cryptocoryne grandis (Ridley)
Current as C. cordata grabowski

The "grand" or giant form of cordata ("grandis" in Latin translates to "magnificant" in English).

Borneo Island.

Cryptocoryne kerri

Cryptocoryne kerri (Rataj)
Syn. of COR

The round leaved form of the Siamese cordata species group. Now referred to C. cordata cordata.

Cryptocoryne siamensis

Cryptocoryne siamensis siamensis -
Current as C. cordata siamensis

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