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Lagenandra keralensis sp. nov. Sivadasan et Jaleel, 2000

Lagenandra keralensis (Araceae)
a remarkable new species from India

M. Sivadasan, V. Abdul Jaleel, and Bobby Thomas

Department of Botany, University of Calicut, Calicut University P.O., 673 635, Kerala, India

(Received July 13, 1999; Accepted February 23, 2000)

Abstract. A new species, Lagenandra keralensis Sivadasan et Jaleel, is described, illustrated and relationships discussed. The discovery of the new species enhances the number of Indian species of the genus to six.

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Figure 1. Lagenandra keralensis Sivadasan et Jaleel. A, Habit; B, A portion of petiole enlarged showing hairs; C, A portion of lower surface of leaf lamina enlarged showing closely undulate margin and hairs along the veins; D, Basal portion of petiole showing sheath; E, Cataphyll - abaxial view; F, Cataphyll - adaxial view; G, Inflorescence.

Figure 2. Lagenandra keralensis Sivadasan et Jaleel. A, Inflorescence with part of basal tube and limb of spadix; B, Spadix; C, Single pistillate flower - abaxial view; D, Pistillate flower - adaxial view; E, Pistillate flower - side view; F, L.S. of pistillate flower; G, C.S. of pistillate flower; H, Olfactory bodies; I, Single staminate flower; J, Young infructescence with prersistent basal portion of the tube of spathe; K, Mature infructescence; L, Single fruit; M, C.S. of fruit; N, Seed.

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