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The Giant Red Crypt

The Giant Red Crypt
The "Cryptocoryne grandis" (Nomen dubium) of the 1950's.

These are small green petshop Crypts. These are giant red Crypts. This tank is over 20" tall.

Some sort of Cryptocoryne cordata (Sold as "C. grandis")
Note that "Shirley" is not a women, it's a place in England. "Shirley Aquatics" is a pet shop.
(Parts one and two were published in TFH in 2009 and 2010)

gdr terra_typica

Recent developments

In late February 2010 some plants matching these were photographed in Indonesian Borneo. In 2013 it was learned a man in Germany has also been keeping the plant since 1950 and a photo of a flower was published that corresponds to C. cordata cordata.



A brief description of the history of this unique Crypt from 1950 to 2000. One man in Canada has been keeping the plant alive since a 1950 importation from Shirley Aquatics in England.

First published in the February 2009 TFH.



Cultivation and propagation.

First published in the February 2010 TFH.


Summary of milestones

Brief history of the plant, updated as required.

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