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Top Five Cryptocrynes

Gecko's Top Five Cryptocorynes
"The five best Crypts that I have grown at my home."

By 'Gecko', Translated by Google and Richard Sexton, May 2013

C. noritoi C. ferruginea C. siamensis C. ideaii C. sp. Muarateweh

Japanese Crypt fanatic 'Gecko' wrote a very elegant article in Japanese outlining his five Cryptocoryne species.

Cryptocoryne siamensis 'blassii'

Crypt. cordata siamensis 'blassii'

Commonly obtained as bare root specimens grown emersed they rapidly adjust to any conditions you put them in, grow well, send ample runners are bloom readily. Number three on my list an an excellent plant for the beginner.

Cryptocoryne ideii 'Kuarakuayan'

Crypt. ideii 'Kuarakuayan'

Number four is Crypt. Ideii from 'Kuarakuayan' - number four, looks a lot like FER but the leaves are much larger. Established plants send out lots of runners.

Cryptocoryne species 'Muarateweh'

Crypt. sp Muarateweh

The last one, number five is Crypt. species 'Muarateweh'; not the largest of plants, but the leaves are a good size and numerous. Very productive, it sends out lots of runners.

Cryptocoryne ferruginea 'Kellan'

Crypt. ferruginea 'Kellan'

The number two is Crypt species aff. ferruginea 'Kellan'(?) population, has a different with leaf from other FER populations; a rapid grower always needing to have runners thinned out; a very robust strain.

Cryptocoryne noritoi 'Tanjung Redeb'

Crypt. noritoi

The number one plant is Crypt. noritoi, from the 'Tanjung Redeb' location in central coastal East Kalimantan, Borneo.. This area is an outcropping of limestone in Borneo, and the water there is alkaline. But the plant does well in acidic water too and grows an sends runners out in either - it just doesn't seem to mind either one. The plant height is 25cm tall; leaf length is 10cm with a width of 6cm. An easy to grow and beautiful species.


"Or higher degree growth best five in our house, both because it is easy to cultivate species, I seem to get laughed at the people of the veteran, .... We would like to raise the level breeding more by increasing more kinds thrive in this way."
(This is Google translating all by itself - rjs)

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