Killi Shrimp Plant species Enclycloaquaria CoF Invert Taxa

C. pontederiifolia


Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia


Suwidji Wongso commented in 2018 that the SW0407 accession (shown in box) from Singkil, Aceh, collected 1 month before tsunami 2004, is the biggest C. pontiderifolia he has ever seen.

C. pontederiifolia
00-0-Copr_2006_Xema_Leont.jpg 00-0-Copr_2012_Tropicat.png pon-infl-00t.jpg 00-0-Copr_2012_954baby-pon-spathet.jpg 00-0-Copr_2012_Igor_Oboleshevt.jpg 00-0-Copr_2012_Richard_J_Sextont.jpg pont0t.jpg 00-1-Copr_2012_Tropicat.png 01-0-Copr_2012_954baby-pont.jpg 14-0-Copr_2012_Richard_J_Sextont.jpg 22-0-Copr_2012_Richard_J_Sextont.jpg pon-infl-01t.jpg pont1t.jpg pont2t.jpg pont3t.jpg pont4t.jpg pont5t.jpg pont6t.jpg pont7t.jpg

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