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C. nuri from Lingga

The Lingga Regency (Indonesian: Kabupaten Lingga) is a group of islands in Indonesia, located south of Singapore, along both sides of the equator, off the eastern coast of Riau Province on Sumatra island. They are south of the populated Riau Archipelago, known for the industrial island of Batam and the tourist-frequented island of Bintan, although the Lingga Islands themselves are rarely visited due to the infrequent local transportation. The equator goes through the northern tip of Lingga, the name of the main island in the archipelago.

Administratively they form a Regency of the Riau Islands Province with an area of 2,266.6 kmē [2] and a population of 86,244 people at the 2010 Census;[3] the latest official estimate (as at 2017) is 86,971.[4] The capital lies at Daik. - Wikipedia





Cryptocoryne nurii Lingga

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