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Cryptocoryne bastmeijeri

Cryptocoryne bastmeijeri Wongso, sp. nov. Fig. 24. Holotype: Indonesia, W Kalimantan, Schwaner mountains, Ketapang Regency, S of Sekadau, 22 Sep 2015, S. Wongso SW 1567 (BO; isotypes: C, L). Diagnosis Cryptocoryne bastmeijeri differs from C. auriculata and C. isae by having up to 40 spreading green leaves, with a triangular-ovate blade, and by the short spathe limb. Its chromosome number of 2n = 14 has hitherto not been recorded for Cryptocoryne.

Description Aquatic to amphibious herbs, c. 10 cm tall. Rhizome thick, notched, with only a few thin stolons. Leaves 2040 together in a rosette, spreading horizontally from upright petiole, 515 cm long; blade dark green, lighter green to purplish abaxially, triangular-ovate, 2-3 3-5 cm, smooth. Cataphylls whitish, c. 1.5 cm long 2-keeled, usually situated below soil surface. Peduncle 23 cm long. Spathe whitish outside in proximal part, distal ⅓ purplish; kettle cylindric, to 1 cm long, white inside, flap light yellowish; tube c. 0.75 cm long, white inside; limb purple to reddish, ovate, shortly pointed, forward obliquely twisted, to 1.5 cm long, surface with a few rounded protuberances, with an indistinct, darker collar, sometimes with a white line running distally from collar as a result of a folding of limb in young stage, red colour continuing in a more intensive hue a few mm into tube. Spadix c. 1 cm long, with usually 5 whitish female flowers with broadly ellipsoid to emarginate stigmas sometimes with a slight purplish tinge along margin; olfactory bodies yellow, irregular; male flowers 2530, whitish yellowish. Syncarp on an up to 3 cm long peduncle, brownish purplish, lighter spotted, broadly ovoid, c. 1 cm wide, smooth, persistent stigmas clearly visible. Seeds with germinating embryo emerging c. ⅓ from distal end with c. 5 plumulary processes.

Chromosome number 2n = 14, reported here for SW 1567.

Distribution As far as known endemic to W Kalimantan, Schwaner mountains, SW of Sintang, where it has been observed in one locality additional to the type locality.

Ecology The type specimen was collected in a swamp forest streamlet with clear, slow-running water, with the leaves spreading over the mud and sand. Altitude range 175200 m.

Eponymy Named after Jan D. Bastmeijer, of Emmen, The Netherlands, who has for decades meticulously gathered information on Cryptocoryne, and most importantly disseminates this information on his website (Bastmeijer 2017), thereby establishing contacts between enthusiasts worldwide.

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