Cryptocoryne nurii raubensis

"In the limestone areas in Pahang grows C. nurii var. raubensis, together with C. affinis. This amazing species keeps it's spathe floating on a elongated peduncle. The famous "yellow C.nurii" is also found again in that area and belongs to the subspecies raubensis. These plants are easy to grow." - Jan Bastemeijer

"During the last 10 years a somewhat odd looking Cryptocoryne from the vicinity north of Raub, Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia, has attracted attention. The first collection from 1970 passed on unnoticed. The second from 1985 was puzzling with a yellow spathe limb and its identity was not clarified, but was a continuous reminder of an unsolved problem. It was only after collections (with red-black spathe limbs) from 2002 and 2007 came into cultivation that the pattern became more evident, and after the recent collections from 2011, the interpretation became clear, that we were dealing with a special long peduncled aquatic limestone plant which is here referred to as a variety of Cryptocoryne nurii Furtado (Furtado, 1935)."
A new calcicolous variety of Cryptocoryne nurii Furtado (Araceae) from Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia.
Malayan Nature Journal 2013, 65(4), 230-239

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