Cryptocoryne articles by Jan Bastmeijer


Cryptocoryne moehlmannii and Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia

Two Cryptocorynes from the Gunung Leuser National park (Sumatra, Indonesia)

Part II: C. moehlmannii de Wit


Cryptocoryne yujii sp. nov.

Cryptocoryne yujii Bastmeijer (Araceae), a new species from Sarawak


Cryptocoryne bangkaensis sp. nov.

C. bangkaensis Bastmeijer, a new name for a well known Cryptocoryne from Sumatra (Indonesia)


Cryptocoryne loeiensis sp. nov.

Notes on Cryptocoryne (Araceae) of Thailand, including a new species from Loei Province

ABSTRACT. A new species Cryptocoryne loeiensis J.D.Bastmeijer, T.Idei & N. Jacobsen is described, and a new variety combination is made.